Alessandro Gaglione

Partner – SLIG LAW London | Solicitor & Avvocato
Alessandro is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and a practising lawyer in Italy (avvocato). Founder of SLIG EDUCATION, he is currently a partner at SLIG LAW LLP where he specialises in commercial and corporate and real estate law. Alessandro regularly lectures at seminars and training events in Italy and the UK, with a focus on legal terminology and the English legal system. Alessandro also works closely with the Anglo-Italian community, regularly assisting London-based Italians on pro bono matters and is actively involved in the Italian community of London as part of COMITES.

Giuseppe Gaglione

Partner – SLIG LAW London | Solicitor & Avvocato
Giuseppe is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and a practising lawyer in Italy (avvocato). He is currently a partner at SLIG LAW LLP and specializes in cross border inheritance legal issues involving Trusts & Estates. Giuseppe has been endorsed by the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales and is often invited as a speaker to events organised by the Consulate General of Italy in London. In addition, Giuseppe lectures at seminars and events in Italy and in the UK and also provides pro bono legal advice.

Roberto Gaglione

Partner – SLIG LAW Roma | Solicitor & Avvocato
Roberto is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and a practising lawyer in Italy (Avvocato). He is a partner at SLIG LAW LLP. Roberto specialised in advising on asset tracing and debt recovery in Italy and in the UK and prior to this had gained significant experience at a leading Italian law firm. He is an important point of contact point for Italian and international clients based in the United States of America and in Italy. In addition to private client matters, Roberto advises his clients on commerce and distribution law.

Andrea Lista

Of Counsel – Legal Consultant Professor in Commercial law, University of Exeter
Andrea has worked as a legal advisor to a multinational leader in underwater technology in addition to acting as legal consultant to the European Parliament and the European Commission. He has vast experience in EU Competition law, Corporate law and International Trade and International Commercial Arbitration. Andrea has published widely in those areas and provides legal advice and assistance to companies and law firms alike. Andrea is currently a Professor in Commercial Law at the University of Exeter. He was also a visiting Lecturer at Queen Mary College, University of London and a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the University of Southampton, where he was a Member of the Institute of Maritime Law.

Roberta Moretti

Roberta qualified as an Italian lawyer in 2007 and went on to gain a Master’s in International Business Law from Sapienza University of Rome. Roberta has extensive experience working for an Italian state entity for a number of years and is specialised in assisting clients in relation to public tenders, service agreements and international distribution negotiations and arrangements. Specialised in civil and commercial litigation, Roberta provides advisory services to Italian law firms assisting international clients in court proceedings. Roberta is a qualified Italian mediator and a member of the National Italian American Bar Aassociation.

Anamaria Marin

Associate solicitor
Anamaria is an Associate solicitor for SLIG LAW’s head office in London. She is currently working towards obtaining qualifications in Italy. Anamaria graduated in law from the University of Florence and her thesis was on Mediation in Intellectual Property Disputes. During her studies, Anamaria was an active participant in prestigious international competitions including the ICC International Mediation Competition and the XXII Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. She has excellent knowledge of Mediation and Arbitration and is specializing in contract management and negotiation skills, particularly in relation to the Italian and UK markets and their respective practices and requirements.

Alessandro Iacovazzi

Alessandro is qualified Italian lawyer and has gained extensive experience in assisting international clients and law firms on multi-jurisdictional cases. He advises both domestic and international clients in matters relating to International Private Law, Business and Corporate law. Alesandro also assists clients with Criminal Law and Real Estate cases. In addition to that, Alessandro is a registered liquidator with the Courts of Bari and is actively involved in educational events as a lecturer and a trainer.

Gabriella Bettiga

Solicitor – Specialized in Immigration Matters
Gabriella is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and also a practicing lawyer in Italy. Gabriella graduated from University in Italy before then going on to obtain her LL.M. from SOAS, specializing in Immigration, Human Rights and Islamic Law. She has worked as a consultant solicitor for a number of English law firms in London and was the head of the immigration department at Lawrence Lupin for 12 years. Gabriella has extensive experience in British and Italian nationality law, as well as in business and private immigration. She is also involved in educational events on immigration law in both jurisdictions and acts as Chair of the Independent Cost and Funding Adjudicators at Legal Aid Agency.